Monday, January 26, 2015

Season greetings. Some postings FYI. Science, food, music and religion.

One of Australias great medical researchers Professor Sir Henry Harris died at his home in Oxford on 31 October 2014 aged 89.  Harris was hand picked by Howard Florey (of penicillin fame) for a career in medical research - and when Lord Florey retired in 1964 Harris was appointed to head his William Dunn School of Pathology in Oxford.  … read on: (published in this week’s Australian Jewish News)

Kylie Kwong's new restaurant in Macleay St, Potts Point (opp Rockwall Crescent) is called Billy Kwong, irritatingly the same name as her other venue in Surry Hills, started 14 years ago.   … read on:

Schubert's Trout comes to the Southern Highlands - final ‘Selby and Friends’ concert for 2014.  … read on:

A Semitic learning curve - enjoyable forays with the faithful - no secrets, no conspiracies.

Since becoming secular at an early age I have always marvelled at people of faith. Some are young, naïve and gullible yet many are also driven, intelligent and mature adults. And many are respected friends of mine, although they are far outnumbered by folk who would describe themselves as agnostic, atheist and/or non-God-fearing.  … read on:

With best wishes for the secular festive season from Andrew Byrne in Bowral via Potts Point and Redfern (Sydney).